Jeep Tech

At Jeep Tech we work on everything from Oil changes to full custom Builds.
Everybody at Jeep Tech, from sales person to technician, lives the Jeep Life,
if we are not working on Jeeps we are driving them.
Our knowledge comes from real world experience in not only the off road world but in custom fabrication and the race car world.
This experience allows us to do your project with the right tools, expertise and gives you the piece of mind that when your dream vehicle leaves our shop it will perform the way it should.


of your Jeep or Truck!


Suspension, Engine Swaps & more!


Suspension, Engine Swaps & more!

  • Maintenance Package
  • $99
  • Oil Change
  • Tire Rotation
  • Blinker Fluid
  • Lift n Tires
  • $399
  • Crazy Wheels
  • Huge Lift
  • New Bolts
  • One Tons Bro
  • $2999
  • Rad Axles
  • Beefy Tires
  • All the Street Cred